5 Ways to Upgrade Your Roof in 2022

Everything you need to know about upgrading your roof this year.

A roof is one of the most important features of your home, so you want to make sure you’re maximizing its value with the right features for your location and climate. Upgrading your roof can present some appealing opportunities to decrease maintenance, save money and reduce unnecessary expenses for years to come. If you are currently planning for a new roof, consider these five upgrades to maximize its longevity and make your investment work for you.


Improved Roof Ventilation

 Attics become like furnaces in the summertime if they are not well ventilated, especially in Arizona. The heat buildup radiates to the rooms directly below the attic, making them extremely warm and uncomfortable to live in. To keep your home cooler and save on your energy bill, be sure a trusted roofing contractor like American Roofing & Waterproofing installs ridge vents across the top of your roof. These vents allow air movement beneath the ridge cap shingles to reduce heat and are virtually unnoticeable from the exterior of your home. This simple addition will save you money (and sweat) in the long run!


Solar Panels

A popular upgrade to many roofs across Arizona is the addition of solar panels. These energy saving superstars not only help keep your roof cool from the harsh rays of the sun, but also convert the solar rays into energy for everyday use in your home. Solar panels also provide an increased layer of protection against harsh weather and can actually help your roof last longer.


Energy-efficient Shingles

Being kinder to the environment is always easier when it comes in style. Energy-efficient shingles come in a multitude of colors and textures that are customizable to your home. So how do they work? These cooling shingles help decrease the amount of heat transferred into your home, cutting your energy bill and keeping you and your family out of the heat. The granules on the shingles reflect the sun’s radiation and quickly reemit the heat that is absorbed reducing interior cooling costs by up to 15%. Energy-efficient shingles are a smart upgrade to your roof, specifically if the property is a warm and sunny climate like Arizona!


Low Maintenance Gutters 

Replacing your old gutters and installing newer, low maintenance ones is an efficient way to upgrade your existing roof. Consider having American Roofing & Waterproofing install gutter systems with built-in curved hoods, as they are designed to be maintenance-free. This type of gutter system uses water adhesion and a “nose forward” design to allow rainwater to travel down and around its patented nose shape and into the gutter all while deflecting leaves. Debris then falls to the ground instead of creating clogs and staining on gutters and siding. This is a quick and easy upgrade that will save you future headaches!



This aspect of roofing often gets overlooked, but is crucial in providing an extra layer of protection to a roof. There are several different types of underlayment and each one offers a different degree of quality and durability. Opting for a better quality underlayment material can upgrade your roof’s protection, longevity and add water resistant and eco-friendly qualities. Materials such as asphalt-saturated felt and rubberized asphalt are higher quality underlayment options that are durable and worth the investment.


American Roofing & Waterproofing is your trusted and qualified roofing and waterproofing company in Arizona. It’s our job to provide you with roof upgrades done by professionals with years of experience. Inquire with us today!

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