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How to prepare your roof for colder temperatures It’s important for Arizonans to ensure the safety and performance of their homes, even if the winters here aren’t as severe as other parts of the country. While our state doesn’t see much snow in the central area, temperatures can get into the low 30’s and your...


The latest roofing trends for eco-friendly homes Incorporating the latest design trends is a staple for many home and business owners. While trends in the past have been focused around aesthetics, evolving technology and innovation have caused people to look for more sustainable material options to cut the cost and protect the planet. Be the...


An updated estimate on the cost of your next roof for 2021 If you are looking into replacing your roof, you need to know everything that can impact the cost. As of May 2021, the average price to replace a roof usually ranges from $5,000 – $15,000+. The main pricing factors include square footage, labor and...


From style to cost, we’re giving you the rundown on all things metal roofing Growing numbers of people are installing metal roofs in new construction and roof replacement projects. Modern-day metal roofs offer similar styles to traditional roofing materials, only they are stronger, more durable and longer-lasting. A metal roof in Arizona comes with a...


Keep your roof safe from water damage this monsoon season The ability to drain away water has been necessary for centuries. Ancient civilizations created drainage systems that featured detailed aqueducts, and technological advances throughout the years have enabled drainage systems to be even more effective on the average residential or commercial roof. With Arizona having...


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