How Long Does It Take to Replace a Roof?

The average timeline for your next roof replacement

A roof replacement can take anywhere from a day to a few days based on several unique factors. Every roof is different and every timeline for every replacement is different.
There isn’t one exact answer when it comes to determining the length of time it’ll take professionals to replace your roof, but we can give you some helpful estimates to prepare for your future project. Here are a few components that affect how long it will take to replace your next roof:

Complexity of a roof is the most important factor when it comes to determining how long the project is going to take. It can be factored in by how steep the roof is, the pitch of the roof, and the angles, hips and valleys. A roof with a high number of angles, dips and valleys and a steep pitch is going to be more difficult and time consuming to replace. All roofing materials have their own individual timeline. For example, wooden shingles take longer to install than asphalt, and concrete tiles take longer than slate.

Accessibility is the ability for your roofing contractor to access your roof, and how difficult it is, can affect how long the replacement will take. Adequate access is the backbone of a roof replacement because it’s what’s necessary to get the job done. With difficult access to the roof, it’s more difficult to transport materials to and from which can lengthen the entire process. Factors that play into accessibility could be foliage or landscaping, fencing or dense urban areas where homes are very close together. The less time it takes your installer to access your roof, the more time they have to work on the actual installation.

Existing damage can greatly affect the amount of time a roof replacement will take. If there’s structural damage to the roof deck or other elements of the home beneath the shingles, additional repairs can significantly prolong the total project duration. Be sure to have your existing roof inspected to ensure your contractor knows exactly what they are working with and the process can go smoothly.

Weather can affect how roof shingles stick and seal. An ideal roof installation occurs in the correct conditions. Cold weather is never a great time to have a replacement done and can affect how long the installation is. If you see rain or snow in the forecast, you can expect the replacement to be delayed until there is a safe and dry environment to work in, and for the shingles to properly adhere.

Multiple considerations will factor into the total project time. A roof replacement can vary between a single day to taking up to a few weeks. At American Roofing & Waterproofing, we make every effort to estimate the time it takes to replace your roof correctly, with quality contractors, craftsmanship and materials.

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