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August 25, 2021by American Roofing

Ensure your roof is ready to face these damaging dust storms

Haboobs can be a scary situation for any home or business owner. “Habūb comes from the Arabic word” meaning blasting or drafting, these powerful dust storms have been known to cause power failure, utility damage, and more importantly, roof damage. It’s not always possible to know when a haboob may sweep your area, but one indicator is just observing if the sky is becoming hazy or there is a weather alert. With haboob winds being able to reach 60 miles per hour, we want to ensure your roof is safe and ready. Here are a few tips on how to protect your roof from these powerful dust storms:

Roof repair is a key component in preparing your roof for haboobs. It’s important to have roof repair done regularly on commercial roofing projects as well as residential roofing projects. This will not only help your roof prepare for harsh weather conditions like hail or rainstorms, but dust storms too. Regular roof repair, sometimes even total roof replacement, will also save you money in the long run by avoiding future and more expensive repairs and maintenance.

Trim tree branches to ensure you and your roof’s safety. With haboob winds often ranging from 30-60 miles per hour, a storm like this could easily rip off branches, possibly damaging your roof. Trimming tree branches and extra foliage around your house can help protect shingles or other roof materials from long-term damage. Tree branches can not only fall off and cause severe damage, but scrape against and wear away your roof overtime.

Scheduling a roof inspection at least once a year is your best bet at protecting and preparing a roof for large and dangerous dust storms like these. If your roof has been hiding damage, an inspection during this monsoon and haboob season is crucial. This will help to uncover any issues that need fixing and ensure you and your roof’s safety. Missing or damaged materials that go unnoticed on a roof can make matters worse, and maintenance is more difficult when the problem is unknown.

American Roofing & Waterproofing is here to help with all of your roof repairs, roof inspections, and making sure your commercial, residential, or multifamily roof is ready to withstand the unexpected weather conditions monsoon season in Arizona brings. Our skilled installers offer only the best materials and quality craftsmanship for every situation.


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