3 Visual Signs of Improper Roof Installation

Visual indicators for a common problem in our industry.

Roofs are prone to damage due to their constant exposure to weather and other elements. However, a roof should last for quite some time if it is installed properly, and we take pride in educating owners, investors and asset managers. By knowing how to identify a poor roofing job, parties are able to save time and money. We’ve compiled a list of three to help you spot one:

A nonuniform appearance is one of the telltale signs of a poorly done roof installation. If the appearance of the roof looks uneven or altered, there’s a good chance the roof job was improperly done. Visual indicators of alignment issues in the materials are bumps and ripples, and mismatched colors and textures. Their presence can mean the roof was poorly installed, and a professional should be contacted.

Missing or damaged shingles is one of the most obvious signs of a poorly installed roof. If shingles are in bad shape, the entire roofing system is at risk for subsequent damages. There should never be missing components, especially for roof replacements. If a recently installed roof has shingles missing, this is an immediate sign of a roofing job gone awry.

Stains on the roof indicate water is leaking, which can severely damage the roofing materials and seep into the crawlspace, leading to mold and damaged insulation. These markings may not appear right away, but if spotted, there’s a good chance the roofing job was done incorrectly. Proper ventilation is a crucial part of any building, and improper oxygenating causes excessive heat and moisture buildup, leading to dry rot, cracked shingles and premature roof failure.

Avoiding a bad roof installation starts with the proper research and knowing what to look out for. Hiring a licensed, bonded and insured professional is the only way a roof should be installed. Along with our extensive experience, we use the most reliable products and materials on the market to best complete the job.

Call American Roofing & Waterproofing to make sure all roofing projects are done correctly and honestly.

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