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With scorching summer heat just around the corner for Arizona residents, it’s important to begin preparing your home for everything the summer season brings along with it – this includes your roof! With temperatures already in the triple digits beginning in May, and the possibility for major monsoons beginning in June, one of the most crucial things you can do for your roof is to ensure it’s ready to withstand our harshest weather elements. Let’s break down a few things to prepare for one hot summer in AZ.

Proper Ventilation

While direct sun and hot temperatures can certainly take a toll on your roof, the worst time of the day isn’t always when the sun is shining directly on your roof. Sometimes, it’s when the sun sets that your roof is most at risk. As heat pools in your roof all day long, sunset can be a time when thermal shock sets in as your roof begins to rapidly cool down. This process can cause your roof to expand and contract every day, resulting in damage. This can be avoided by having a proper ventilation system in place that keeps your roof’s temperature the same throughout the entire day. Because hot air rises, having vents closer to the ceiling will help air circulation even further.

Clean Out Gutters

Monsoon season in Arizona takes place from June through September, so having a proper gutter system to battle summer storms is necessary. As gutters are commonly a hotspot for debris and other unwanted materials to accumulate and cause damage from high winds and rain, be sure to have your gutters thoroughly inspected and cleaned entirely. It’s important to also make the appropriate adjustments to the guttering system, like checking for tightness and having your downspouts placed at proper angles of effectiveness.

Trim Foliage

A great way to prep your roof for summertime is to ensure any major foliage surrounding your home is trimmed back and well kept. This includes trees, tree branches, and even shrubbery that has the potential to move around when monsoon season starts. Leaves, sticks and branches can get clogged in your gutter system as well as potentially damage your roof’s shingles. Doing some major maintenance on your front and backyard can save you potential headaches with your roof later this summer.

Get A Roof Inspection

The most important way to prepare your roof for our upcoming Arizona weather is to get a professional inspection. This will check for leaks, cracks, missing shingles, poor ventilation, a clogged gutter, or anything that could potentially put your roof at risk throughout the summer. The more you keep up with regularly scheduled inspections, the less likely you are to encounter a major problem with your roof. Spotting smaller issues early on can save you money in the long run! A professional will look for even the subtlest signs of damage that you might miss on your own.

When making decisions for repairs, inspections and maintenance on your roof, consider American Roofing & Waterproofing. Our team has the experience and knowledge to provide you with quality service you can trust this summer and all year long!


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