How Much Does a New Roof Cost in 2022?

The ultimate roof pricing guide to ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck this year

Is your roof reaching the end of its lifespan? Maybe you’re noticing damage and are concerned about repair and replacement costs? Having a high-quality roof will keep your home structurally sound and able to protect you and your family for decades. While $8,600 is the national average, roof replacement costs can ascend as high as $45,000+ depending on a number factors such as cost of materials, labor and project size. American Roofing & Waterproofing is here to give you clear guidance on how much a new roof costs given your property’s circumstances.


Roof size is one of, if not the most important cost factor when pricing out a new roof. Not surprisingly, the larger and more complex a roofing project is, the more it’s going to cost. Pricing can fluctuate due to several variables, including how many stories or levels your structure has, the slope and pitch of your roof, the surface area, and the complexity of the architectural design. Once your project size is solidified, American Roofing & Waterproofing with help you decipher between the abundance of roofing materials you’ll need!


Different materials have different price points, and some can be more expensive than others. Here are a few examples:

  • Metal roofing – typically found on the east coast, this type of roofing can get a bit pricy. While averaging at $11,129 for 1,200 sq. ft., metal roofs can soar to $40,000 or more depending on your project’s size.
  • Asphalt shingles – being the most affordable and common roof type in the U.S., asphalt shingle prices range based on location. Averaging at $1,908 for 1,200 sq. ft., this roof type can go up to $5,000+.
  • Clay tiled roofs – this type of roofing is prevalent in warm climates on homes in the South West. Averaging at $16,000 for 1,200 sq. ft., clay tiles can be a more expensive material due to their weight, ranging into the $40,000’s.
  • Slate roofing – tapping in at the most expensive roof material, slate roofs are most commonly found on the east coast and New England for their temperature enduring qualities. Averaging at $19,200 for 1,200 sq. ft., slate roofs can cost beyond $48,050.

Here are the most common elements among materials that will cost you in replacing a roof, based on their national average price:

  • Underlayment – $0.32 per sq. ft.
  • Shingles – $1-$2 per sq. ft., but can go up to $45,000+ depending on material type.
  • Soffits – $20 to $30 per sq. ft.
  • Drip edge – $2 per sq. ft.
  • Flashing – $15 to $25 per sq. ft.



If you’re looking to replace or repair your roof, skilled professionals are required to get the job done right. Their work involves removal and disposal of the existing roof, installation of the new roof, and cleanup. Costs are determined by the time and effort a new roof requires. Determinants for labor costs include a roof’s pitch and slope, roof accessibility, removal and disposal and any necessary repairs needed to complete the project. How hard is it to access the roof? How much time is necessary for removing the existing material and disposing of it? The more time it takes to complete a new roofing project, the more expensive it will be. Pricing for labor varies by contractor, but the average cost of labor is around $40 to $80 an hour.

American Roofing & Waterproofing offers residential, commercial and multifamily roof installations. Prices are on a per-project base, and we want you to be ready for your next installation! Inquire with us for a free estimate on your next new roofing project.

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