Roof Blistering on Flat Roofs in Arizona

Why it occurs and what you can do to prevent it

Reasons for roof blistering may vary, but weather changes can often be found as the main culprit.

For Arizona structures with flat roofing systems and annual storms, knowing why roof blisters occur, how to fix them, and preventing them on flat roofs is an important part of regular roof maintenance.

Roof blistering

This occurs when air or water is trapped within a flat roof membrane or built-up roof. Air or water fill up the gaps between the membrane system layers, resulting in bubble-like protrusions. Unless the bubbles burst, blisters can grow larger inside the membrane. Similar to a small bubble, the blister is typically filled with air or water. As the temperature outdoors continues to rise, the pressure in these patches forces the air or moisture to expand.

Preventing roof blistering

It all starts with having a proper, quality flat roof installation and a skilled roofer handling your maintenance afterwards. As early as possible, roof blisters must be remedied so they will not have the chance to enlarge or multiply. The best thing to do is schedule a seasonal maintenance visit with a professional. The number one rule for preventing roof blisters on flat roofs is to use dry materials in dry settings, which may not be possible with monsoon season. Be sure to give your roofing contractor enough time to fix your blisters in a dry setting.

Fixing roof blisters

This is a professional job, requiring a licensed contractor. Make sure to avoid touching the blisters, placing weight on them, or repairing without proper resources or training.

It is an easier, less costly repair by taking steps for preventing roof blisters from worsening or becoming other roof problems when burst open. It’s crucial to fix a roof blister as soon as possible. If left untreated for too long, they can create serious damage.

Any roof repair should always be done by a professional and American Roofing and Waterproofing can be trusted to get every job done effectively and with the best quality. With temperatures high in this summer season, blistering on flat roofs can be common and we want to assure all roofing work is done properly.

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