How to Get Rid of Roof Rats

What to do when you suspect roof rats in your home

Roof Rats in Phoenix

Roof rats are not native to Arizona and were first discovered in the Arcadia area in 2002. They have been on the move since then and now show up all over the Valley on roofs and in homes for food and shelter. When citrus is ripe, you’re more likely to see them come out for a bite to eat, yet they are still present year-round. Here’s how to identify and get rid of a roof rat:

What is a Roof Rat?

Sometimes referred to as black rats, fruit rats, or house rats, roof rats are long and thin rodents with large eyes and ears and are typically brown with black spots. They usually measure around 40 cm long and can weigh up to 12 ounces. These rodents travel from trees to your roof, and can end up in enclosed spaces like an attic or inside of a wall.

Signs of Roof Rats

Common signs of roof rats can include:

  • Noises in an attic or wall
  • Gnawing sounds or marks around roof eaves
  • Damage to plastic covering on electrical wires
  • Presence of roof rat droppings
  • House pets acting strange
  • Hollowed out fruit on surrounding trees

Eliminate food sources for roof rats by keeping garbage and food in tight, covered containers. Their food source consists of mostly citrus fruit, stored grains or dog and cat food left out. It’s important to pick ripe fruit off of your trees and harvest your gardens as soon as possible. Limiting the use of bird feeders can help to eliminate another food source. Be sure to sweep up any spilled food and store the extra in a sealed container.

Keep landscape trimmed to prevent pests from making themselves at home. A clean yard is a deterrent. Be sure to rake under your trees and shrubbery and remove any woodpiles from the clean-up process. Trees should be trimmed and bushes thinned so you can see daylight through them. Oleanders are prone to harboring roof rats in Arizona, as well as palm trees, so having regular maintenance on these is important.

Roof Rat Repair

Roof repair is necessary for avoiding an infestation of roof rats. They can enter through openings as small as a coin and go from your roof, to your attic and into your walls. You want to make sure your structure is sealed and that there is no damage that goes unnoticed, making for an easy entrance.

You want to contact a professional exterminator when you suspect roof rats invading your structure. By getting a regular roof inspection from us here at American Roofing & Waterproofing, we can help to ensure they stay out of your roof and your home by spotting any maintenance that needs to be done on your roof.

Contact American Roofing and Waterproofing for more information.

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