Does Your Roof Affect Your Home’s Resale Value?

Four ways your roof can affect the resale value of your home

As long as a roof is doing its job properly, it often goes unnoticed on a home. What most homeowners don’t know is that the quality of your roof can significantly affect your resale value. Potential homebuyers looking at a home must take into consideration anything that could happen to the house in the future and how each element of the house will hold up as a long-term investment – this includes the roof! If they find that the roof on their potential dream home looks unsightly or has a costly issue, it could discourage them matching your asking price, or even making an offer altogether. Here are a few factors to consider about your roof when putting your home up for sale:


When trying to sell your home, consider what material your roof is made from. Is it built with metal or clay? How about constructed from wood or asphalt shingles? Potential homebuyers will be looking for the roof material that looks most uniform and is going to last. If your roof is built from a material that requires a lot of up-keep, it might not be as appealing to the average homebuyer looking for something low maintenance. Be sure to choose the material that’s right for you but will also provide value in the long run.


This is the part of your roof that is most prominently noticed by others. If the roof has broken or missing shingles, a potential buyer is much less likely to think highly of your home. Even if the shingles haven’t been missing long enough to cause any definite damage, like leaks or pests, missing shingles could still communicate to buyers that you don’t take care of your home. Instead, get your roof regularly inspected to ensure all the shingles are good as new.

Roof Lines

Just like roofing materials, a home’s roof line will speak volumes to homebuyers. Timeless styles like gable or hip roofs may encourage a higher resale value, whereas trendier styles that fall out of favor may be a gamble.


How old is your roof? Since replacing a roof is a large expense, homebuyers want something that they aren’t going to have to replace themselves anytime soon. Most shingle roofs have about a 20-year lifespan, and if your roof is approaching that age, there’s a possibility it could lower your home’s value. Getting a quality roof replacement beforehand may make sense before you list your home for sale. We’re here to help with all your roof replacement needs!

You can avoid the hassle of worrying about your roof while trying to sell your home by properly maintaining it. At American Roofing & Waterproofing, we’re among the best in roofing companies in the area. Our team of roofers has the experience and knowledge to ensure that your roofing project is completed efficiently, on time and on budget. Inquire with us to get your roof looking spectacular today!

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