Roofing Contractors: Choosing the Pros for the Job

Learn everything you need to know about selecting qualified roofing contractors in Phoenix

Replacing your roof is a big decision and an even bigger investment. You want the best roofing contractors for the job, and it’s important to know how to select the right one for your next project. Don’t know what to lookout for? We want to ensure you choose the right company! Read on to find out how.

Check for Licensing and Insurance

If you aren’t a licensed professional roofer, then you don’t have the necessary experience, tools, or knowledge to ensure that your work will be done safely and correctly. Walking safely on a rooftop is a skill you develop through proper training and experience, and those that aren’t professionals may seriously injure themselves. A high-quality roofing installer will carry all required insurance for its workers, covering them if someone is hurt during your roof’s installation. As a homeowner, you should never work with a contractor that can’t provide proof of proper insurance for its employees.

Look at Previous Work

For most businesses that provide a service, reputation is everything. Take a look at their website for past work, reviews and the multitude of services they offer. Are their projects up to standard? Do they have good credibility? Any testimonials or reviews on their website? These are all factors that you should take into consideration before choosing a roofing team for your next project.

Meet the Roofing Contractors in Person

It’s always best to meet your potential roofer face to face so you can talk things over in person. This allows you to ask any important questions about pricing, inspections, estimates, repair work, warranties and more. This will help you get a feel for the way they work. If you decide to hire them, you may feel more comfortable getting updates and reports about the status of your project, having met them first!

Make Sure They’re Experienced

You wouldn’t take your car to a mechanic who has been on the job for two weeks. Your roof is no different! Be sure that the roofing contractor you decide to go with has been in business long enough to know how to perform safe, quality work. You can avoid falling victim to shoddy work, and potential extra expense by choosing a company that has years of experience and a solid reputation.

If you’re looking for experienced and qualified roofing experts, American Roofing & Waterproofing is the company for the job. You can count on us for credibility, proper experience and quality work. Inquire with our team today!

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