What to do When You Have Visible Damaged Shingles?

What to do When You Have Visible Damaged Shingles?

No matter the season or weather, keeping your home’s roof in top condition is essential for protecting yourself and those you love. As one of the most vital aspects of maintenance around any house, damaged shingles should be acknowledged swiftly with action to keep raindrops from seeping through – potentially causing further damage underneath!

Luckily enough however; broken shingles are typically easy to detect upon first inspection – so make sure that whenever they’re spotted on a routine check-up or otherwise, remedial steps can take place quickly before matters escalate.

Here’s a few things you need to know.

Assess the Damage
When discovering a broken roof shingle, time is of the essence! Prompt evaluation and assessment of the damage can help you determine an effective solution for your home. Otherwise, roof problems may rapidly aggravate and spread due to neglect or delay in prompt action. If necessary, repairs appear too extensive for DIY efforts to handle, don’t hesitate to call in professional assistance before any further harm befalls your residence from these dreaded roof mishaps!
Check the Roof Gutters

Neglecting broken shingles can cause a costly chain reaction. Not only could granules, dust, leaves and dirt start to accumulate underneath the roof but they may eventually make their way into your drainage system causing it to block up.

The results? Clogged rainwater making its way back onto your roof resulting in unpleasant dripping – not ideal! Get ahead of the problem by proactively checking gutters for any signs of clogging whenever spotting a broken tile – you’ll be thankful later on when avoiding expensive repairs!

Schedule A Roof Inspection

If you suspect that your roof is in need of some attention, having a professional inspection should be the first step. An experienced contractor will thoroughly check for any problem areas and provide detailed feedback on what needs to be done.

While missing or damaged shingles might seem like an obvious issue from outdoor observation, other aspects such as facia boards and flashing may also require repair due to weather damage. A timely assessment can help eliminate potential water leaks before further issues arise – so don’t wait!

Schedule Roof Repairs

After a thorough roof inspection, it’s possible you may only need to repair the sections of damaged shingles. If they are missing or badly torn, replacement is an option; however, if moderately tearing and curling occurs specialized adhesives can be used for repairs.

In cases where more extensive damage has been done beyond just the top layer of shingles (such as wood deck damages) then additional maintenance will likely require further efforts such as replacing underlayment materials or sanded down overlays.

Leave it to The Professionals

At American Roofing and Waterproofing, we want to ensure that any home improvement or roof maintenance project you undertake is an enjoyable experience. We understand how important it is for you to feel confident in the company’s expertise and professionalism which is why we take extra steps to provide full disclosure of our procedures so there are no surprises down the road. Let us make your next renovation stress-free – contact us today!

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