Commercial RoofingWhat You Need to Know When Considering Commercial Roofing

October 28, 2021by American Roofing

We’re breaking down the factors that go into a new commercial roofing project.

Finding a trustworthy commercial roofing professional is key to ensuring your roof is constructed correctly. Selecting an experienced commercial roofer will guarantee that they consider all factors and will give a secure and knowledgeable recommendation based on a building’s needs. There is not just one factor that can determine the perfect roofing system for a building. It is important to look at each factor individually and together in order to choose the correct commercial roof. Consider these elements:

Location of a building is a significant factor in choosing the right commercial roof. Things like local building codes, risks like trees or wildlife or extreme weather should all be considered. Different climates may affect the type of roofing needed for a building. A building that deals with snow and hail might require the durability of a metal roof, while buildings in a desert climate would need a more energy-efficient roof with a reflective system. Buildings in climates with both extreme heat and cold may see the most benefit from a flexible material that can easily adapt to temperature variations.

Type of business in the building is crucial to consider for a new project. A warehouse might have different temperature needs than a retail store would, meaning different roofing materials could be necessary. In a retail store, customers expect a comfortable temperature, this requires an energy-efficient system to balance comfort with value. Warehouses that do not store temperature-sensitive inventory may choose a less energy-efficient system. Roofs are not one-size-fits-all, so consider specific details for your business and let your contractor know.

Fees and costs are the main event of any commercial roofing project. Always ask for a written quote after noting the agreed details for the project. It helps compare roofing fees, guiding you to find one suitable for your budget. Reputable professionals give free estimates and provide them willingly. Ask for their estimates and compare quotes. It’s always better to get multiple quotes from various local companies than to just settle for the first option.

Contracts are key to discovering just what your new commercial roof will entail. At this point, you might have all the considerations noted and the details of the project ironed out. From here, all you need is the official contract. This will allow you to see the terms of both parties and all the work details like warranties, timeline, costs, and terms of payment. Having a contract will let you know if you missed anything, so be sure to ask for clarification in vague areas.

Find a commercial roofing company that suits you. American Roofing & Waterproofing is qualified for any commercial roofing project and offers free, no-obligation roofing quotes to map out just what your project needs. Visit our website to get started on your next commercial roofing project.


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