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January 5, 2022by American Roofing

Why you should get a professional roof replacement rather than doing it yourself

Does your roof need to be replaced? If so, you are probably wondering if you can do it yourself. Is a DIY roof installation the way to go, or is this a job better left to the professionals? A proper roof replacement is an extensive project that needs to be done correctly by a professional. American Roofing Waterproofing is ready to take on any challenge with proper equipment, top notch materials and qualified contractors. Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t perform a DIY roof replacement:


Safety Hazards 


Putting your safety at risk is the biggest drawback when you replace your roof yourself. The most important reason to opt for a professional contractor to handle your roof repair job has to do with safety. Being on a rooftop is risky if you aren’t a trained professional, especially with steep-pitched roofs. Other dangers include tripping over roof vents, falling off a ladder or accidentally touching a power line. Professional roofers only work if they have all the necessary safety equipment and years of previous experience. When hiring a professional roofing contractor, you know they are skilled enough to get the job done safely.


You Could Further Damage Your Roof


Replacing your roof is a little more complicated than most DIY projects. Laying shingles requires a lot of technical know-how. Roof replacements require intricate details and steps that only a professional roofing contractor should be trusted to perform. DIY roofing by the inexperienced could easily further damage your roof in the process of trying to repair it. For example – walking on hot shingles can tear them and scrape off the surface granules, taking up shingles may result in damaging adjacent ones, and putting a nail in the wrong part of roofing flashing can lead to a leak.


DIY Repairs Can Waste Time & Money


DIY roofing often leads to multiple attempts to fix a leak or other roofing problem, which eats up time, effort and money for materials. A roof repair likely won’t be covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy if you do it yourself, so if things start to head south, you won’t have a warranty for back up. When you have a lot of false ideas on what needs to be fixed in a roof, it will delay in actually fixing the problem. For example, if you’re attempting to replace your roof yourself and don’t notice a leak, the leak has more time to get in and damage your home’s interior. Save your money and your time by hiring a professional.


At American Roofing & Waterproofing, we are qualified to tackle any roofing project and get it done timely and professionally. We do not advise attempting roof replacements yourself. Instead, head to our website and request a free estimate so we can get started on your next project!


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